Vietnamese seafood available in 156 markets


Vietnamese seafood available in 156 marketsVietnamese seafood has been exported to 156 global markets, or 16 more than in 2010, with the European Union, the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea and China being the main consumers.

A March 30 conference in Phu Yen province heard Vietnam now ranks first in the world in terms of Tra fish production and third in shrimp production.

Despite the global and domestic economic difficulties, the Vietnamese fisheries sector has achieved annual growth of 4.85% over the past three years.

It has gradually reduced overexploitation and increased the volume and value of farmed products, significantly contributing to agriculture restructuring.

The meeting announced a fisheries sector restructuring scheme approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on November 22, 2013.

Under the scheme, the sector will increase the added value of its products and the competitive capacity on the market, striving to achieve annual export growth of 6%.



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