Action plans to realize industrialization strategy adopted


Prime Minister Action plans to realize industrialization strategy adoptedNguyen Tan Dung has approved four action plans to implement Vietnam’s industrialization strategy within the Vietnam-Japan cooperation framework by 2020 with a vision for 2030.

These four plans include developing the electronics industry, developing the agricultural machinery industry, developing the agricultural product processing industry, and developing the environment and energy saving industry.

Vietnam aims to become a major producer of electronics equipment

The country has set a target of developing the electronics industry with advanced technology, high labour productivity by 2020 to be able to compete in the regional and global markets, making major contributions to the national economy and national industrialization and modernization.

It aims to produce high added value electronic products of advanced quality standards for exports and domestic consumption.

By 2020, the production value of the electronics industry is projected to increase at least by 20% annually and contribute a minimum of 10% to the total production value of the industry, being included in the list of the top ten industries recording the highest growth rate.

Vietnam is striving to become a major producer of electronic equipment with smart and environmentally friendly technologies.

To reach this goal, six strategic issues should be focussed, namely developing support industries, developing human resources, expanding the domestic market, attracting investment from the world’s leading electronics businesses, developing key products and establishing electronics industry clusters.

Encouraging production and use of agricultural machinery

To encourage farmers to use agricultural machinery, manufacturers should supply agricultural machines based on the real needs of farmers. Ministries and agencies will carry out agricultural machinery support programmes to meet farmers’ requirements for quality and ensure a healthy agricultural machinery business environment.

This action plan is designed to modernize Vietnam’s agriculture by 2020 by increasing total agricultural output from US$220 billion in 2010 to US$430 billion in 2020 and per capita income to US$3,000.

Agriculture will constitute 15% of GDP; labour productivity will rise from US$740/person in 2010 to US$2,000/ person in 2020; the rate acheter du cialis en ligne of workers in the agro-forestry-fishery sectors will reduce from 49% in 2010 to 30-35% in 2020.

Towards becoming trusted provider of high quality agricultural products

The country will target towards becoming a high quality agricultural product producer for exports and domestic consumption and define 3-5 agricultural and fishery products that can promote the image of Vietnamese trademark. Accordingly, typical items-rubber, coffee, tea, shrimp and fruit & vegetables-will be targeted.

The role of businesses will be enhanced in strengthening production-market connectivity and insuring their products are certified by VietGap, GlobalGap, and Rainforest.

Encouraging all economic sectors to develop environmental industry

The environmental and saving energy industries are expected to become major industries by 2020 which can meet requirements for environmental pollution treatment and sustainable energy.

The goal of the plan will be pivoted on improving incentive mechanisms and policies, intensifying inspection and supervision to raise awareness and law enforcement capacity, applying advanced technologies in environmental remediation and energy saving and encouraging all economic sectors to attract foreign investment in this field.


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