Viettel Group officially starts doing business in Mozambique

Viettel Group officially starts doing business in Mozambique

Viettel Group officially starts doing business in MozambiqueVietnam Military Telecommunications Group (Viettel Group) officially started its business in Mozambique, announced the Group at a ceremony to open Movitel Company, the brand name of Viettel in Mozambique, on May 15th in Maputo, the Mozambique capital.

At the ceremony, Mr. Armado Emilio Guebuza, President of Mozambique, said that with the contributions of Viettel, Mozambique became one of the countries with the most modern telecommunication infrastructure in Africa.

“This is a miracle. Movitel made contributions to helping Mozambique become one of the three countries to operate the largest fibre optic cable system in the region, after South Africa and Nigeria”, said Mr. Jaquenly Michael, the Transport and Telecommunication Minister.

Mozambique is considered a potential market for Viettel’s telecom services as just 30.9 % of its population use telecom services, lower than in other countries in the region. After one year of operation in Mozambique, Movitel now owns 1,800 2G and 3G base stations and Viettel’s services reach all districts and cities of Mozambique. It also built 50 stores and 25,000 selling spots in districts as well as sent its staff to sell its products to people in local communes.

Until now, Viettel Group has done business in five countries, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Haiti and Mozambique. It created jobs for tens of thousands of needy people in these countries through socialising sales, directly contributing 1-2 percent to GDPs of these countries. Besides, as the cost of using telecom services is cheap, up to 95% of the population, including those living in rural and isolated areas in these countries, get access to the services.

Viettel Group achieved around US$6billion in turnover last year and it ranks in the world’s top 15 largest companies with 60 million mobile subscribers.

Translated by Tran Hoai


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