Viettel to halt converting EVN Telecom subscriptions soon


Viettel will stViettel to halt converting EVN Telecom subscriptions soonop converting subscriptions from EVN Telecom to Viettel on Saturday after nearly one year doing the conversion for users since it took over the subsidiary from Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN).

The military-run telecom company has had to perform procedures for EVN Telecom subscribers to shift to Viettel services as the latter was transferred after incurring losses. Apart from taking over EVN Telecom, Viettel has had to take over subscriptions of the firm.

Due to the technology difference between the two mobile service providers, with Viettel using GSM technology and the other using CDMA, it takes time for users to shift from EVN Telecom to Viettel. Viettel has carried out the conversion activity since December 28, 2011.

To bring the conversion process to an end, Viettel will stop shifting the service on Saturday. After that, those subscribers using EVN Telecom services failing to shift to Viettel will be removed out of the system and their phone numbers will be recovered for future re-use.

Viettel declines to elaborate on the specific number of Viettel mobile subscribers having shifted from EVN Telecom successfully.

An expert in the industry said EVN Telecom had millions of subscribers before they were transferred to Viettel. However, it is unknown how many EVN Telecom users have turned to Viettel services, he said.

In fact, there are many mobile subscribers of EVN Telecom let their phone numbers scrapped for fear of a troublesome conversion process.

(Sai Gon Times)


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