Dong Nai continues to attract record levels of FDI


The provincial Department of Planning and Investment reported the total consists of US$391 million for 52 new projects and US$531 million in supplementary investment for 51 projects.

Dong Nai continues to attract record levels of FDI

The province also revoked the investment licences for 8 FDI projects with registered investment capital of US$86 million, comprised of 3 projects located outside and five within industrial zones (IZ).

Roughly 1,442 projects capitalized at US$25.25 billion have been licensed to operate in IZs to date, of which 1,117 valid projects has a combined capitalization of US$20.80 billion.

According to the IZs managing board, in the first eight months of this year, FDI businesses in IZs reported US$10.37 billion in revenue, including US$5.6 billion from exports. They contributed more than US$374.2 million to State budget, up nearly 8.5% on-year.

Thirty-one IZs have leased out more than 120ha since early this year, reaching 120% of this year’s plan, bringing the cumulative leased areas to 6,350ha, accounting for nearly 67% of total space available in IZs.



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