Singaporean investors eye Vietnamese real estate market


VietnamSingaporean investors eye Vietnamese real estate marketese and Singaporean real estate investors on May 30 toured a number of real estate projects aiming to get a better understanding of the opportunities for investment in the country.

SLP Group from Singapore said that it is keen on investments in residential, commercial office buildings and industrial parks. It is also aware that the Vietnamese Government is striving to open the market to make it more conducive to the attraction of foreign investment.

Investors said they want to develop a better understanding of the impact of recent changes in the laws, particularly those that relate to allowing foreigners to own real estate.

In Singapore, the property market is nearly saturated, while bare land is limited. Investors that want to develop, must expand overseas markets, and are eying Vietnam as a potentially lucrative target.

SLP Group CEO Tricia Teo said that housing prices in Vietnam are attractive and balanced with investment capital of businesses. In addition, foreign companies often have available funds and private real estate investment funds, along with clear strategies of development and professionalism.

The group wants to seek projects for investment cooperation and help the Vietnamese real estate sector with professional training and investment consultation.

Vietnam Real Estate Association Deputy General Secretary Tran Ngoc Quang also spoke highly and in detail about the investment cooperation opportunities in Vietnam for Singapore’s investors.

“The Vietnamese market is developing and all market forecasts confirm that this is a market with great potential,” he stressed.



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