Norway seeks maritime opportunities in Vietnam


Norway seeks maritime opportunities in VietnamNorway wants to comprehensively cooperate with Vietnam in the maritime industry which is developing rapidly in Southeast Asia, said a Norwegian trade representative.

Harald Neavdal, Head of the Maritime and Oil & Gas at Innovation Norway, expressed his desire at a seminar in HCM City on March 18.

Terje Lillenes, Managing Director of the Norwegian Maritime Exporters, introduced Norway’s potential for maritime development, saying the country has more than 3,000 businesses involved in maritime operations that generate over US$80 billion in revenue annually and supply 10% of the total global maritime market value.

Norwegian businesses want to cooperate with Vietnam in shipbuilding, and maritime equipment manufacturing and design, he said.

He added Vietnam can learn from Norwegian experience in modernizing its fleet and increasing its operational capacity when the country is deepening the integration process.

Norwegian experts said equitisation of the Vietnam Maritime Corporation (Vinalines) in the 2014-2015 period will provide an excellent opportunity for Norwegian maritime businesses to increase cooperation with Vietnam.

They said seaports managed by Vinalines are operating effectively and if Vinalines is able to reap even greater profits if these seaports are better managed and exploited.

Kristine Pedersen, senior adviser to the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, acknowledged Vietnam’s recent impressive development achievements and said the Norwegian Government wants to promote cooperation with Vietnam in maritime, trade liberalisation, and industrial production, so as to increase bilateral trade value.



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