Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia improve quality of audit


Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia improve quality of auditThe State auditing agencies from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia gathered in Phnom Penh on November 27 to discuss ways to improve the quality of audit.

The three Heads of the State auditing agencies introduced the current auditing system in each country and pointed out future advantages and disadvantages.

They shared their experiences in helping the Government implement economic development strategies. They discussed measures to boost cooperation between the three agencies and agreed to frequent exchange visits to increase the capacity of auditors and auditing agencies.

Vietnam’s State Auditor General Nguyen Huu Van emphasised that management of the quality of audit is the key task of the State Audit and the main objective in the development strategy to ensure the existence and development of the State Audit to meet the social requirements for open, effective and sustainable finance.

At the conference, the three State auditing agencies agreed on the desire and need for closer cooperation in order to fulfil their development objectives.

The next conference is scheduled for Vientiane, Laos, in 2014.



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