Vietnam’s largest European trade partner


Vietnam’s largest European trade partnerGermany is Vietnam’s largest European trade partner, making up 20% of the country’s total trade turnover.

Vietnam Customs statistics show Vietnamese exports to Germany last year reached US$4.72 billion, a year-on-year rise of 15.4%.

Its major export items include mobile phone handsets and components, footwear, garments, coffee, timber products, seafood, rucksacks, bags, purses, handicrafts, computers, and electronics.

Among the exports, mobile handsets and components topped the list, earning US$1.54 billion, representing an annual increase of 32% and making up one third of the total export value.

Germany is the largest EU garment importer, creating plenty of opportunity for Vietnamese garment makers. In 2013 alone, Vietnamese garment exports to this market were valued at US$652 million, an annual rise of 16.7%, and accounting for 13.7% of the total export earnings.

Computers and electronics posted the highest growth of 108%, raking in US$337 million in value.

Other export items attaining high growth include seafood (up 2.6%), handbags, hats, cases, umbrellas (17.6%), plastics (6.4%), steel (9.3%), cashew nuts (6.7%), rubber (35.7%), cookies and cereals (49.8%) and fruit and vegetables (16%).



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