Danang seaport to process 4.8 billion tonnes of goods


The seDung Quat oil refinery targets 6.5 million tonnes of productsaport in the central city of Danang is aiming to process 4.8 billion tonnes of goods in 2013 despite the ongoing global economic difficulties.

To reach the target, the seaport will receive an additional VND100 billion in investment for equipment purchases, VND150 billion for infrastructure construction and upgrades, and VND1 billion for staff training.

A 200m quay in Son Tra port will enter operation soon, easing the workload of Tien Sa port. The ground clearance process for Nam Hai Van-Tuy Loan byway’s planned logistics depot will also be accelerated.

Last year, the Danang seaport handled 4.5 million tonnes of products. Its success can be credited to the switch from strictly serving as an unloading port to one prioritising containers and tourism.

In order to be capable of hosting larger container and tourism vessels, the seaport has purchased modern unloading machines worth VND64 billion, including Gantry and Atiri cranes dramatically reducing processing time to only 3–4 minutes per container. It also spent VND4 billion on customer management software making port procedures simpler and more efficient.

The seaport now receives 10–12 container ships per week compared to the 2–3 before, helping exporters and importers reduce time and transport costs.



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