FDI hits nearly US$10.5 billion in six months


InFDI hits nearly US$10.5 billion in six months the same period, around US$5.7 billion was disbursed, up 5.6% compared to last year’s figure and more than US$9.3 billion poured into the processing and manufacturing industries, accounting for 88.9% of total FDI.

Topped the list of 45 countries and territories investing in Vietnam was Japan with nearly US$4 billion accounting for 38.1% of the funding, followed by Singapore with US$3.41 billion, making up 32.6% and Russia with US$1 billion, equal to 9.7%.

Among FDI projects operating in 46 provinces and cities nationwide are the Nghi Son Oil Refinery in Thanh Hoa province with an additional capitalisation of US$2.8 billion from Japan, Samsung Electronics Vietnam in Thai Nguyen province with US$2 billion from Singapore and the Bus Industrial Centre in Binh Dinh province with US$1 billion from Russia.

Export earnings from the FDI sector, including crude oil, in the first six months rose 24% to US$41.1 billion from a year earlier, accounting for 66% of Vietnam’s total export turnover.



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