ANZ introduces structured investment product


ANZ Vietnam Bank on MondaANZ introduces structured investment producty launched a new investment solution called Structured Investment Product, which aims at maximizing investor returns amid poor performance of traditional investment products.

The product is a combination of a traditional deposit and a derivative product, where returns are dependent on the performance of underlying financial assets including currencies and gold. Structured Investment will allow customers to diversify their portfolios, giving principal protection at maturity and the potential for enhanced returns.

Investment capital is fully guaranteed and this product gives customers the flexibility of investment tenors from one month to one year to help with liquidity management. Minimum investment is US$10,000 or equivalent.

ANZ head of Retail Banking Vietnam Duong Duc Hung said in a statement released on Monday that the new product aims to meet customers’ individual requirements, helping them diversify portfolios and maximize returns in the current volatile economy.

ANZ is the pioneer among foreign banks to introduce this investment tool in the Vietnamese market.

(SaiGon Times)


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